Christmas Hamper DIY

5 Step Tutorial

I am a big fan of Christmas so once Halloween is over, Christmas is all I’m thinking about. I am holding off decorating my house for now but I am not waiting a moment longer to start making some lovely handmade Christmas Crafts.

Here is how I made this Wooden Christmas Hamper

Step 1 –

Buy a wooden hamper. I love this hamper, well it’s actually called a trug but I think hamper sounds better. This is from Wooden Box UK


They are £10.20 but if you use the code courtney10 you will get 10% off.

Step 2 –

Paint the hamper. This is optional, if you prefer the natural wood look then keep it as it is.


I used a Crown tester pot in aged white. I find tester pots are perfect for small craft projects.

Step 3 –

Design the prints for the front and back of the hamper. I use a website called Canva for this. It’s nice and easy to use, you just put in the dimensions you want the prints to be. In this case the dimensions will be; W 250mm x H 120mm


You can upload your own images and fonts to Canva so your prints can be completely personalised to match your Christmas colour scheme.

Once you have finished your designs you will be able to download them as a PDF image and print them off.

Step 4 –

Now it is time to stick the prints you designed to the hamper. This is my favourite part because this is when it really starts to look festive.


To stick the prints on I use Mod Podge, you can buy Mod Podge from most craft shops;

Links will take you to the Mod Podge I use **Matte Finish**

Hobby Craft


Step 5 –

The last step is probably the best step. Decorate your hamper. For this I have used a gold glitter ribbon and a few felt embellishments.

And not to forget the ribbon and bells on each side.

All the felt decorations and ribbons are from Hobby Craft

Now fill your Hamper with lots of goodies. I love how these hampers look sat on the side full of Christmas chocolate. You could also fill with presents and gift it to a friend, I’m sure they would love it.

I made a tutorial video too on how I made this, so if you need a bit more guidance give that a watch too.

Christmas Hamper Tutorial

Make sure to follow my blog because next I’ll be showing you how I make my Christmas Eve Boxes.


Enjoy your hamper 🙂

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