How to make a Retro Storage Box


Here’s how I made this super, cool, funky, retro storage box made from old vinyl records…

  1. Buy 2 unwanted vinyl records or you may be able to get them for free 🙂 make sure they are in a cardboard cover as you will be using this too
  2. Bend/melt the bottom of the vinyls (you need to melt about 10cm)
    To do this, put the vinyl in a heat proof container and pour boiling water over the part you want to bend. Use a block of wood (or anything else you think would work) Use this to shape the melted part of the vinyl and to keep it flat and prevent it from curling
  3. Drill holes around both sides if the record, I drilled 7 holes each side using a two finger space between each hole.
    Do the same for the cardboard cover
  4. Glue the vinyls and the cardboard covers the the base – I used an A4 plank of wood for the base
  5. Connect the cardboard and vinyl using either twine, rope or ribbon
  6. Fill your cool new, retro storage box with whatever you like 🙂

Click here to watch exactly how I made it.

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